British School of Business and Media

Mission Statement

At British Business School and Media, a department of the Center of International Studies, we seek to arise a curiosity and a passion for knowledge and studying. We respect the personalized learning style and unique potential of each student. With our guidance, our students will become highly innovative people who recognize needs, design solutions, and engage in creative enterprises for the benefit of the world. By studying in the British School of Business, you are participating in a very active intellectual community. The British School of Business strives to be among the leading creative education institutions through continuous innovation, highly quality standards and delightful experience to students, employees and the industries that we serve.

British School of Business and Media is an internationally accredited business school

– the first two years are studied in Romania, in Brasov

– the last year is studied at different prestigious universities from the UK and Denmark

Higher National Diploma – awarded after two years- is recognized by the most international universities to progress in the last year of a degree programme.

Accreditation – awarded by Pearson International, Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, with 35,000 employees in more than 70 countries working to help people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives through learning.

Specialist pathways are:

  • Business Administration (Management)

  •  Business Administration (Human Resource Management)

  • Creative Media Production (Television)

  • Creative Media Production (Journalism)


Our programs are based entirely on British and European concepts, promoting a modern, innovative, and pragmatic education that encourages learning by discovery, focused on learning by doing, so what has been learnt must find a practical relevance.

Method of delivery : mixed (both full time and distance learning)

The study schedule is a flexible one, without occupying the student’s entire day or burdening him with obsolete and unnecessary information.

All bibliographies are updated and books or articles older than 5 years are not accepted.

Evaluation: 8 exams / per year

Student centered education

The student being the center of our concerns, the student with his interests and his needs, we work on small groups of 10 students, and the lecturers can thus focus their attention on each student.


  • come from both academia and business, managers from multinational companies, television managers, editors, highly praised journalists with a vast experience and expertise in their field.
  • have a positive and friendly attitude towards students and take into account the individuality of each student.

The academic staff of the School are deeply and consistently involved in a range of professional activities, in addition to teaching the students at the Center of International Studies, academics in the School, write and publish books and journal articles that are cited by other academics, and studied by other students from different universities.



Higher National Certificate after the 1st year of study in Romania

Higher National Diploma after the second year of study

Degree in the UK/ Denmark



  • You can choose a year of internship in the UK, where students can be attentively observed by prospective employers.


  • Fees are 3750 lei / semester for Romanian students and 3000 euros for European and international students

Living cost

  • Around 400 euros/month instead of 800-1000 pounds / month in the UK